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I love it ! They way he cares about sharing his knowledge

This is profoundly dead on. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this and how incredibly gifted you are with your readings!!! WOW. And thank you. <3

Karen K.

Client & Student Testimonials

-Brenda B.

Thanks alot for the detailed and accurate reading.Everything you said resonated with me.The regret,the confusion.Also the part about a cycle coming to an end resonated

I just watched the video and it is very spot on on my love life, you were right about me being very analytical and now being ready to face the world. Thank you very much!

Ashish C.

Diana S.

Steven is amazing! The universe definitely brought us together. He helped me develop something in myself that I’m so excited to explore and share. He also made himself available online which is great because I know I’ll have questions. Definitely support this knowledgeable brother!

This was a great reading with Steven. I went into the reading as a skeptic and left a believer! He is extremely gifted and spot on with his accuracy. Steven brought me information that I needed to help with my father's passing. I highly recommend his services!

- Dominique

Mike D.

I have only recently started getting readings from Stevie. My first impression is that he genuinely cares for the client. So many are only in it for the profit, but it is different with Stevie. He is a friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable oracle reader.

Steven gave me the most accurate reading I've ever received! He explains & communicates with the cards so well I was astonished the entire reading. He was so spot on about every card and did an amazing job listening and replaying back the message. would 300% recommend Steven to anybody who needs a bit of enlightenment!

Susan M.


Stevie is a lovely person and deals with his clients warmly and politely. His tarot readings are so much accurate and gives us useful advices and inspiring notes of hope and strength. If you would like to be in touch with a high spiritualized person, here's your place! Love recommendations always!

Stevie is so thorough in explaining what the cards mean, which was super great because I got a full understanding. my reading was so enlightening. 10/10 would recommend!

Cassie H.

Gustavo P.

He was spot on in what I needed to hear from spirit! My head was all over place but I was continuing asking distracting questions away from my purpose. It felt amazing to know he was able to pick up on deep dark thoughts that I hadn’t given myself enough credit to ask. Will definitely return back to him!

Amanda K.

Stevie read me like a book. Absolutely incredible! His Tarot reading was absolutely spot on and his reading hit the nail on the head! I never post reviews but this man deserves every bit of it! Absolutely excellent! If I could give more than five stars I would! 10/10.

Tyler W.

Stevie is fantastic. He hit everything SPOT on, and reached out to two people I was NOT expecting, but definitely got some closure from, plus some unexpected information and closure. I'm thrilled that I connected with him and am so thankful for his light.

Really good and accurate! Right away, he picked up on my nervousness/anxiety/etc. He could tell even before he started the reading which...was pretty intense, but also really impressive. Then right after, he drew a nine of swords-which is the card for anxiety! O.O He also could tell that I was nervous about financial success because I'm coming to a new stage in my career/work, which was right on point as well-but he could tell that things were going to work out. Finally, he got the six of cups for my past as well...which is childhood innocence and joy!

He was really impressive overall and picked up on things that I said nothing about. Stevie is great!

Cora G.

Good Very patient with my schedule. Very informative, gifted person. Thanks again for the reading.

Jason B.

Rose C.

That was truly amazing. You were so scary accurate about so many things and are truly gifted individual. I very much appreciate you and will for sure be using your services again. I potentially would like to do a mediumship read with you in the future. I really appreciate you.

Jamie Lynn G.

Omg! That reading was beautiful and so perfect! Thank you so much. I've been struggling with my abilities in the sense that I get way too in my head about what people think, doubting myself and not having confidence. Thank you so much, you are really gifted, keep doing what you're doing and I look forward to keeping touch with you.

Sarah Smith

Steven was very quick to answer me for a reading. He was thorough and precise, and seemed very knowledgeable about the cards. He also is very genuine about wanting to help you to be the best you! I 10/10 would recommend.

Steven has a true gift. His perspective changed my way of thinking. Steve also helped my wife. If you want a tarot reading [my favorite]to his packaged deals over a few weeks. I recommend anything this man offers. He saved me. He can save you. I along with my wife have and will continue to give only Steve, our repeat business plus the energy this man has is uplifting in itself.

Julie R.

Jamie C.

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